Larafy consists very powerful auth configuration which can be used in variety of applications. You can choose which features you want to have in your project & which you want to disable. The one click switch input field makes it easy to configure.

Field Title Description
Session Lifetime (in Minute) Time period after which if a user is found inactive, application automatically gets disconnected.
Reset Token Lifetime (in Minute) Time period after which the reset password token expire automatically. i.e. Say a user request for reset password at 5PM & click on the reset password link at 6:30PM. If reset token lifetime is set to 60 minute then application will generate error saying 'Invalid Reset Token'
Two Factor Auth To make authentication make secure, you can turn on this feature. If enabled, user need to verify one time code which can be sent via email or SMS after login before accessing home page. If disabled user can access home page directly after login.
Two Factor Auth Type Two factor auth code can be sent via email or SMS. If email option is set then user will get a code on their email. If SMS option is set then user will get a code on their mobile number for verification purpose.
Lock Screen If user is inactive for a certain period, then system automatically gets locked. Though it remembers the user & requests only password to access the said page. If enabled, you can set the lock screen timeout.
Login Throttle This feature can be useful when user tries to login with incorrect email/username & password again & again. After certain attempt as defined in throttle attempt, user login is disabled for defined throttle timeout.
Login with Larafy makes the system flexible by providing an option to choose which method user want to login. If email option is chosen, user need to enter email else user can login with username field.
User Registration If this field is enabled then register option will be available on the login page & any one can register by providing requested details.
Password Strength Meter This measure the strength of password field. If enabled, it shows the strength of password as user inputs password.
Email Verification You can choose whether you want user email verification after registration. If it is turned on then registered user will get a email asking to click on the activation link. If user clicks on the link, its account gets activated & user can proceed to login into the system.
Admin Approval If this feature is enabled, then admin needs to approve the registered user. User will not be able to login without admin approval.
Terms & Conditions If enabled, user needs to accept terms & conditions during registration.
Remember Me If enabled, user will get an option to 'remember their login' during login.
Forgot Password If enabled, user can retrieve password in case they have forgotten it. If disabled they cannot access this forgot password link.
Session Expire on Browser Close If enabled, user will get logout on browser exit.
Google Recaptcha If enabled, user will get a challenge to accept recaptcha. This feature is very useful to prevent spam. If enabled, you need to enter recaptcha key & secret.