Laravel is known for the easiest localization option available in it. To make it easier for end users, Larafy has in-built localization module. Now you can add new language any time & translate your application in minutes.

To add a new language for translation, you need to enter locale & language name. Once saved, it is shown on the list all language table along with the percentage of translation. You can always edit/delete language added into the system. Please note that primary language which is 'en' or default language which is being used cannot be deleted.

You can click on the show button of respective language to add/update language translation. Language translation is divided into several tabs based on the module. For example, attached image shows first tab which is used to add new language for the translation into the application. Other than first tab, all other tabs are the modules into which different words are listed for translation.

You can use following code to translate word/sentence into any controller/blade template: