Version 1.1 released on 31st Jan 2017 with some new features.

To upgrade to Version 1.1 from Version 1.0, follow all the steps carefully:

  1. Backup all your files and database. This is very important step as in case upgrade fails, you can restore your application to Version 1.0 anytime.
  2. Download upgrade file for Larapay 1.1 from here. You will need password to open this zip file; you can contact us via live chat support or raise a ticket at to get the password. Make sure you verify your purchase by sending Envato Username & Purchase Code to get the password for this upgrade file.
  3. Extract the zip file in the root installation folder and replace all the files.
  4. Login in your application as system administrator account, release license from existing installation. Release license link is available only to system administrator account and it is available in the header menu, just above the change password link. You will be logged out from the application after releasing license.
  5. Navigate to http://<your_application_path>/update-1-1 and check the output. If you get blank screen, it means you have upgraded your database successfully. If you get any error message then you can contact us via live chat support or you can raise a ticket at Do not refresh/reload/run this page again. Your database may get corrupted.
  6. If you have successfully completed step 5 then you can take backup of public/uploads and storage/app/uploads folder and delete all other files of installation folder.
  7. Download latest version of Larapay 1.1 from code canyon and extract it in your installation folder.
  8. Restore public/uploads and storage/app/uploads folder to new installation.
  9. Open .env file located in your root installation folder and put database details
  10. Navigate to http://<your_application_path> and enter your login details. It will be redirect you to verify purchase page, enter your Envato Username & Purchase Code to verify the purchase once again. If verified you can now login & have the latest version of Larapay 1.1

If you face any difficulties, then you can ping us in live chat support or raise a ticket at Keep your Envato Username & Purchase Code along with to verify your purchase.

Let us know your suggestions for next version.